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Free iPhone Apps for prostate cancer patients

Paul Edwards

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A New Zealand urologist has written two Apps for prostate cancer patients to use on their iPhone.  These Apps are available free from the Apple App store.


Androgen Deprivation Therapy App.


The ADT App supports men with advanced prostate cancer in managing hormone therapy. The App delivers automated reminders to alert patients about tests they require. It also provides information on everything from side-effects to what each test is needed for.


Follow this link to download the ADT App


PSA Manager App


PSA Manager allows men to not only record and graph PSA readings over time, but also combine investigations, biopsies, imaging tests, and treatments for both prostate cancer and benign prostate disease (BPH).   PSA Manager can calculate the PSA kinetics Doubling Time and Velocity to show the rate your PSA is changing at.


Follow this link to download the PSA Manager App



Another alternative to record your PSA and treatment history and to obtain information is offered by the Prostmate website https://prostmate.org.au/


Are these new Apps any better than the Prostmate site?


I don’t know because I don’t have an iPhone.   With 81% of the new phone market dominated by Android phones, why do people make Apps for iPhones before making them available for Android?


If you’ve got an iPhone, would you be able to road test these Apps and tell other members what you think of them?

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