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David H Abrahams March 2014 update


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How time passes when you are having fun. It seems like yesterday that I loaded my story onto the APC Forum website.


What was in the Crystal Ball someone asked. Bone Pain Control - Magic!

ADT is still working but perhaps not as effectively as previous. Recent NBS clarified a few more secondaries on my ribs but nothing startling. CT Scan for Chest, Abdomen All clear. My Med Oncologist believes I'm now CRPC and should consider starting Chemo in a couple of months. Went for a second opinion a was told most unlikely that I was moving into CRPC, possibly another 12 months!!!!!!!


Who do you Believe? especially when you do not see the Medical Oncologist that your appointment was for!


My continuous and debilitating Bone Pain is now under control which is magic. Went through a bad period in May July 2012. Increasing pain in back ribs, chest, breathlessness etc, Sent for NBS; CT Scan Chest x-ray. Nothing conclusive. Increase opiates to max dosage, no difference. Requested GP for referral to see Palliative Care Consultant. The GP said it was not necessary as I was not going to die within 3months. Persisted, which was the best decision so far of my journey*. Had a >90' plus consultation with a Palliative Care Consultant during that period. Pain is now being managed by Fentanyl 50mcg/Hr patches. Changed every 3 days. Take occasional tablet (20mg Oxy Norm) for break through pain.


 My 2nd best decision of this journey as mentioned in my original "Journey to Date". Moving from the Private system to the Public System. Allied Health Support is really great and I see the Medical Oncologist, Palliative Care Consultant and Allied Health Staff if required every 6 weeks prior to my Zometa infusion.

As mentioned in the first part of my Journey I have ADT intermittently which my medical oncologist is against. Therefore I'm presently on a ADT "free" holiday. Now nearly 6 months of the ADT. My PSA was rising slowly prior to me coming off. 0.4ug/L in Oct.'13 now 3.4ug/L and testosterone <0.5L


Side effects: Watch this space; Will post a separate article about side -effects and impact shortly.


Palliative Care: Will post a separate article.

The Future: More Crystal Ball stuff!

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