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Help us to get Xofigo (Radium 223) approved in Australia

Paul Edwards

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Xofigo is a new drug which significantly increases life expectancy and quality of life for men with castration-resistant prostate cancer who have bone metastases.


Xofigo has already been approved for use in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.


The Medical Services Advisory Committee is meeting next month (April ) to consider whether to approve Xofigo for use in Australia.


You can help to get Xofigo approved for use in Australia. 


Please write a letter of support to Professor Robyn Ward, the Chair of Medical Services Advisory Committee and to your local Federal Member of Parliament, as soon as possible. Ask your family and friends to write too.


The campaign to have Xofigo approved for use in Australia is being organised by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.  Please see attached a letter from Dr Anthony Lowe, Chief Executive Officer of PCFA.


Also attached is a sample letter for you to use, should you wish, some tips and suggestions for writing your own letter, and a list of key contact people to address.

Letter from Dr Anthony Lowe-1.doc

Sample letter.doc

Letter suggestions-1.doc

Key Contacts.doc

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Thanks good prompt Paul, Had the received the PCFA letter last week as I am a PCFA Ambassador.

Have now sent out >200 plus e-mails and have suggested to PCFA that they start a campaign on "change.org". They are exploring the possibility.

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Thanks to everyone who wrote letters in support of Xofigo.


The Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) is holding its April meeting yesterday and today (April 3-4) with consideration of Xofigo on its agenda. The MSAC will then advise the Minister for Health and Ageing.


Advice from the MSAC to the Minister is confidential until the Minister agrees for the advice, the MSAC Public Summary Document that explains the rationale for the advice, and the printed Assessment Report to be published on the MSAC website.


It will probably be a while before we find out what the MSAC has decided.

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