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Since November 2 in 2011

Nev Black

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It is just over two years since my first posting.

I said in that posting - my life takes a detour. Well,it may well be a detour from where I thought I was going.

However we are all aware, I am sure, that this is no longer a detour it is in fact our highway into the future.  


In my first posting I said I had an Advanced Male Sling fitted in October 2010. This has been a huge success for me to date. It can be a bit more difficult for men where radiation has been involved I believe. Talking to other groups of men it is surprising how many men endure incontinence. It is possibly more surprising how many men have never heard of the Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS). Please ask your doctor if you have incontinence.  


In my original posting I was waiting for my November 2011 PSA test results which I am happy to report was <0.01 (S&N).


My oncologist was suggesting I go intermittent with the hormone treatment (Eligard) after just six monts. Considering we had observed the PSA rise so rapidly, and metastases had developed, I elected to go continuous. I also changed the oncologist.


When I suggested Stereotactic Radiosurgery in America to the new oncologist I got the very firm impression he thought it was a waste of time. He also gave me the firm impression he was not the slightest bit interested in me having anything else other than Eligard prescribed at this time.


I have an appointment with a new medical oncologist in April 2014.


I have a Bone Density Test each fifteen months and I am due for another one now. I did have one outside the Medicare system, with PhD students, at UQ in Brisbane at the end of last year.


The blood test that I have include, B12   FBC   PSA   ELFTS   Testosterone   Vit D  and   Folate


I try to have my Eligard injection each twenty eight (28) days now rather than just once a month. As we are going on holidays for a couple of months shortly I will have a three month injection (84 days).


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I'm surprised that you're having monthly Eligard injections.  When I was on Eligard, I started with monthly injections but after the first few monthly injections, once my status was determined, my doctor changed me to three-monthly injections.  Less jabs and less trips to the doctor!

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Yes Nev: I am surprised as well....I was having elligard 4 monthly injections since my diagnosis in March 2012.....However my last PSA reading was steady at 0.02 so the radiation oncologist advised that I could come off the ADT injections. My next one would be due on 14th March (in 3 days time) I will be looking forward to hopefully putting some of the side effects back in the closet and getting some energy back. All this with crossed fingers mind you as the first sign of any PSA increase I will be knocking on the door again. I hope you enjoy the holiday Nev and perhaps we might catch up sometime in the future.



aka Popeye

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