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ADT3,need a name


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I have been to See Dr myers (Julylast yr) and he recommends ADT3 as most people would know.

I have Gleason 9

Biopsy all cores positive

PSA on diagnosis 26 jumping to 38 within a month

Had RP

Had 38 treatments of radiation in combination with lupron

PSA got down to 0.5 by end of radiation and lupron

3 mths later PSA on the rise 0.7,0.8,1.22

Back on lupron and cossudex PSA down to .03

I have been to my urologist and three oncologists and none willing to add third drug, avodart .

Does anyone know an oncologist that goes along with Myers and ADT3?In Perth would be great but if not flight is not a problem.


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For the man having a problem getting dutasteride/Avodart prescribed….please print and take this paper to the treating physicians and INSIST he/she read it to recognize that this medication is supported by documentation to be included in androgen deprivation therapy (unfortunately we still experience a lot of ignorance on the part of much of the Urological and Oncological community who do not want to take their precious time to do their own research):




If that fails to get a prescription, you can order your own from www.alldaychemist.com without a prescription.  When opening this website, click on the words "All US Brands" which will open a webpage with a listing of all the medications available from this source.  Scroll down and click on “Avodart.”  When that opens to the product, click on “View Details” and click on the quantity you want.  You can then “check out” as “guest.”  With “continue” that will open a page to enter your country.  I don’t know how it works from there, but I expect if you enter “Australia” it will provide you your cost in your currency and how to pay.  If you learn that to be the case, I would appreciate a reply back if the order continues in your own currency.




Disclaimer: Please recognize that I am not a Medical Doctor.  I have been an avid student researching and studying prostate cancer as a survivor and continuing patient since 1992.  I have dedicated my retirement years to continued research and study in order to serve as an advocate for prostate cancer awareness, and, from a activist patient’s viewpoint, to help patients, caregivers, and others interested develop an understanding of prostate cancer, its treatment options, and the treatment of the side effects that often accompany treatment.  Readers of this paper must understand that the comments or recommendations I make are not intended to be the procedure to blindly follow; rather, they are to be reviewed as my opinion, then used for further personal research, study, and subsequent discussion with the medical professional/physician providing prostate cancer care.


Always as close as the other end of your computer to help address any prostate cancer concerns.


"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."


If the suggestions/recommendations I have provided have been helpful, please consider a donation, in any amount you can afford no matter how small, to one of the prostate cancer research projects (your choice) identified at http://www.StartACure.com  or prostate cancer support organizations such as Us TOO Intl., Inc., Malecare, Prostate Cancer Research Institute/PCRI, Prostate Cancer Research and Education Foundation/PCREF, or others known to

be exceptionally supportive to we patients and caregivers.             


Charles (Chuck) Maack - Prostate Cancer Patient/Activist/Mentor (A mentor is someone who offers wisdom, knowledge, support and respect to help you achieve your goals; would that I succeed)

2008 Us TOO Intl., Inc., Prostate Education & Support Network “Edward C.

Kaps Hope Award”

2012 Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) “Harry Pinchot Award” 

Email: maack1@cox.net

PCa Help: "Observations"


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Guest tonybrown

My urologist told me avodart can cause the concentration of aggressive cancer.  This seems to be the consenus of the medical community  in Australia but starkly refuted by Snuffy Myers.


What information do we have other than Snuffy Meyers? Is he right in this instance & is there now more information that would convince the Australian medical community to move on & use this drug? 

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I fully agree with Chuck Maack's analysis of the medical literature and expert opinion regarding the appropriate role of dutasteride in advanced PCa. Every medical oncologist in the USA specialising in PCa (who presumably read all the relevant research papers)  have the same view of the balance of benefits and risks of dutasteride as Snuffy Myers.


My oncologist readily prescribed off-label finasteride (Proscar - approved in Oz for prostate BDH) as a key component of an ADT3 regime following elevated PSA after RP. He also concurred with a switch to dutasteride - an Avodart generic made by Cipla and by Dr Reddys (both of which are large and reputable pharmaceutical companies in India, where the attitude to intellectual property is 'more liberal' than elsewhere).


I source this medication for personal use via a reputable and well-tried internet pharmacy for around 200 AUD for a 6-month supply, which I've been doing now for over 10 years. (This drug has the bonus benefit of reversing male-pattern baldness! )





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I am pretty disappointed by the lack of concern shown by oncologists re side affects and how to reduce their long term impact.

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Perthg9, I'd be interested to know who you found to help you with Avodart.

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Perthg9, I'm reading this post for the first time in June 2017. I am also in Perth and I'm finding the same frustration with my oncologist when I've asked for casodex and finasteride to be added to my zoladex. I'd love to hear how you got on, cheers Paul.

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