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Encore: No absolutes in prostate cancer. It's all in percentages. Relook at PSA and bone density.


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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

Nothing in prostate cancer treatment is certain.

It's all a matter of odds. Your doctor offers you treatment based on the likely chances of success. 


Even though surgery offers the best odds for some prostate cancers, no surgeon ever promises 100% cure. The surgeon still has to check PSA every so often.


In advanced prostate cancer, the choice of one treatment over another is often just a few percent.


That's what made our recent article on PSA and bone metastases quite different.





There is a high percentage chance that PSA levels before treatment tell you accurately about bone metastases.


However, even with those high percentages, PSA levels will be completely wrong sometimes, as member Eamon tells us today.


... end Jim


Hi Jim Jim Jim,


I read your comments on this topic with particular interest, especially regarding the accuracy of the PSA measurement in relationship with the spread of prostrate cancer to the bones.

I have multiple metastases and have never had a PSA level of higher than 4. The spread is in my spine, ribs, hips and possibly elsewhere (currently undergoing xrays etc to determine if spread has advanced to shoulder). My latest PSA reading was less than 2 and has been for several years. I am receiving hormone injections in an attempt to control the spread as radiation or operations are not an option.

Although I believe my very low readings are very uncommon for someone like me who has multiple metastases, it does prove however, that we should be aware that the PSA reading can be misleading. For you information, my Gleeson score is 5+4.







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