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Types of radiotherapy treatment, especially Stereotactic that Friday's guest Dr Farshad Foroudi is using in his trial


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Dr Farshad Foroudi a leading researcher in radiotherapy for prostate cancer, particularly advanced prostate cancer, will be our special expert guest at next Friday morning's phone-in meeting.



We heard in an earlier post that:


Following some success with other cancers, doctors are keen to investigate whether men with just a few prostate cancer metastases will respond to an aggressive treatment to the metastases while they are in an early stage.


The researcher leading such a study, Dr Farshad Foroudi, will be our guest on our next phone-in meeting. He will explain the treatment of oligometastatic disease, the trial he leads (POPSTAR, details below), and planned trials.


At least one of our members is involved in the trial at Sir Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology (PeterMac) in Melbourne.


That meeting will be on Friday 23 August 2013, 9:30 am eastern states, 10:00 am Adelaide, 7:30 am Perth.



This web page (below) gives a concise, non-technical explanation of the various therapeutic radiation technologies available (and becoming available). The information here might be good to post for our members before Farshad Foroudi's presentation. 
(I'm a potential candidate for Farshad's SABR PROSPECT study: I had my initial scans and a chat with him a couple of weeks ago).  
The link below is to a page or document that we do not control. 
Parts of it may be wrong or misleading. 
Check with your doctor if something interests you. 
If it is temporarily or permanently unavailable, you may receive an error message.
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