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Fish oil. Enough already!


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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

I have received a flood of tweets, emails, and clippings, questions at the face-to-a-name meeting, and phone calls about newspaper articles reporting, or mis-reporting a scientific report suggesting that fish oil, or oily fish, may be bad for prostate cancer.


I have addressed that with the following postings:



Fish and fish oils - the Swedish study - no fish: more prostate cancer


Fish and fish oils - drop chances of metastases and dying of prostate cancer


Fish and fish oils - lower risk of prostate cancer death


Fish and fish oils - deep frying increases prostate cancer risk, especially advanced prostate cancer


Fish and fish oils - protective, especially metastatic prostate cancer. Fish yes. Supplement not necessarily.


Fish and fish oils - reduced risk of prostate cancer using better blood test


Fish and fish oils - reduced risk of prostate cancer. Plant sources not. Fish better than supplements.



Fish and fish oils - Brasky: Risky for prostate cancer



In the meantime, while I am not a doctor, my diet in the future will have plenty of fish (including oily fish like salmon), and if I was on fish oil capsules I would continue until my doctor advised otherwise.


... end Jim

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