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Agenda - phone-in meeting of Friday 24 May 2013

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Agenda Friday 24 May 2013




This Community does not give medical advice. No members are authorized to give medical advice. Ask your doctor if you hear anything here that you think may be related to your treatment. 



9:30am - 11:00am Eastern Standard Time (Queensland)

The formal phone-in meeting ends after 90 minutes.

The lines are kept open for an hour after that for members to informally chat.


Daylight savings times

Brisbane 9:30am

Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart: 10:30am

Adelaide, 10:00am

Perth 7:30am

Winter times

Brisbane 9:30am

Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart 9:30am

Adelaide 9:00am

Perth 7:30am 


Dial in 

You must dial in - we do NOT dial you.


Phone number only available to members.

Contact Jim if this is a problem.


(Unchanged since last time)


Speaking time 

We want many voices to be heard. If you are a member listed to speak below, the chair will probably expect you to take no more than about 5 minutes on presentation so there is plenty of time for others to respond.

Special Guest Speakers are invited to speak for 10-15 minutes, then field questions.



Our Convenor, Jim Marshall, has just been given a medical appointment for Friday morning. He  hopes he may be able to join in sometime late in the meeting. John Ritchie will be helping his mum celebrate her 100th birthday. Geoff Buttfield will be at work. Col Rees is grey nomad-ing.


Late starters 

Maybe you haven't had access to the agenda or you have late breaking news you would like to share. Tell the chairman here at the beginning of the meeting that you would like to speak, and he will fit you in probably later, perhaps right now if that suits. 


Poor Christmas present for Frank

Member Frank Corless from the Sunshine Coast went into hospital to investigate pain - perhaps from appendix. Instead he found out 2 days before Christmas that ... [We'll leave it to Frank to tell us the rest of the story.]


Special expert guest speaker - Samantha Clutton

Dealing with uncertainty

At the Face-to-face meeting in SE Queensland in February, Honorary Face-to-Face Secretary Barbara reported that a key issue for men and their partners was uncertainty - waiting for test results, waiting to be given a treatment date, waiting for side effects or other health problems to resolve, wondering about travel, about the return of intimacy ... the list goes on.


We are very fortunate that an expert in dealing with the uncertainties in a cancer journey has agreed to help us understand the issues and how to deal with them on this phone-in meeting.


Samantha Clutton was the expert guest at our very first phone-in meeting in August 2011. Members  were impressed with her clear advice on how and when to use the Cancer Counselling Service at Cancer Council Queensland. (Sam is the Manager of this valuable service.) I am delighted she will explore this vexed question of uncertainty with us.


If your need for help with any of the pressures of this disease in the meantime,  Samantha's colleagues may be able to provide you that help on phone 13 11 20.


Other updates 

Any man who wishes to update us on his progress is welcome to contribute here.


Formal end 

The Chair will declare the formal part of the teleconference closed at his discretion, perhaps around 11am. The teleconference lines will be kept open until at least 11:30 for anyone who wishes to continue discussions, update his health, or just chat. 


Informal chat 

Any topic you like - topics we didn't reach, something discussed earlier you wish to comment on, an update on your health, how your new boat is going, moaning about the weather, anything that you wish to say. 


Future phone-in support group meetings 

Teleconference meetings are held on the fourth Friday (NOT always the last Friday) of each month (except January, which is one week late) and December (which is one week early). So February may have 2 teleconferences - the delayed January teleconference, and the normal fourth week. In 2013 this means teleconferences on both 1 February and 22 February.


Phone-in support group meeting dates 2013

1 February 2013 

22 February 2013

22 March 2013 (not last Friday in month)

26 April 2013

24 May 2013 (not last Friday in month)

28 June 2013

26 July 2013

23 August 2013 (not last Friday in month)

27 September 2013

25 October 2013

22 November 2013 (not last Friday in month)

20 December 2013 (not last Friday in month, not fourth Friday in month)


Changes or questions 

If you wish to update us about any changes in your health or treatment, or have a question you would like answered or discussed, or you would like to talk about joining a teleconference group, let us know. Then we can put it high on the agenda so it doesn't get lost - just reply to this email, or use Contact Jim on JimJimJimJim.com.


This message has been send to you because you are a member of an Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group.


Visit JimJimJimJim.com and click on Contact Jim if this is a problem.

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Sorry everyone: It seems like every time the phone conference happens I am somewhere else. Again this Friday I will be away with the fairies unable to have access to a land line. Mobile phone would be OK as I have signal where I will be at, however not good enough for the conference. I will be looking forward to the minutes and I had better submit my apologies for the June conference as well. I will be away again for most of June.




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Also an apology for this Friday.

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