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Stop press! Tomorrow’s phone-in becomes more international


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Already we had:

Associate Professor Lisa Horvath, who, although a practicing medical oncologist, also has a worldwide reputation for her research (which is mainly in prostate cancer). Dr Lisa will be enlightening us on current chemotherapy options and her research.


New member Wally Bocian who administers a large Polish prostate cancer forum from his Sydney home, who will be telling us his personal prostate cancer story.


And now we hope to have:

USA member Chuck Maack joining us on the phone-in meeting.

While not a doctor, Chuck has been supporting men with prostate cancer via email and the web for many years, and among his accolades are two prestigious national awards for his work.



Click this sentence to see the agenda.


Click this sentence to see the Polish site Wally administers (and a picture of Wally next to one of the more than 2000 posts he has made).


Click this sentence to see contact details for Dr Horvath (and other guest speakers).


Click this sentence to see Chuck Maack’s home page (including short  video, links to his enormous prostate cancer resources, and contact details).


I said “we hope to have” above because we have not been able to test the technology.


If you are quite technical you might be able to help me with a better setup than this:

  • I am connecting my iPhone to my home cordless phone by bluetooth.
  • I am calling the teleconference number using the cordless phone.
  • I am joining Chuck from my iPhone.
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