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Charles (Chuck) Maack becomes a member of the Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group on JimJimJimJim.com


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Some of our members become very familiar with the information available on advanced prostate cancer, and are able to point other members to things they may wish to ask their doctors about.


Our newest member is not a doctor.

But there would be very few people on earth who would be as able to point you to information you may wish to ask your doctor about.


I personally feel honoured that Charles (Chuck) Maack has chosen to join our group.


A winner of two major USA national awards for his advocacy for men with prostate cancer, he has worked tirelessly to help others for many years.


Though Chuck lives in Wichita, Kansas USA, he helps men anywhere in the world.

He has helped me.

And while we chatted I discovered his Australian connection - an Australian son-in-law, a professional athlete.


You can find out more about Chuck from his website, where he has a video on the front page, and more than 150 articles in the Observations menu.


Chuck gets an email of every new topic posted on our website, so an easy way to get his advice is to post a new topic in our Any suggestions forum.


Check out Chuck's website:


The Prostate Advocate


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Thank You for your kind words, JimJimJimJim.  As noted by any who have ever read my many posts on eithe rof the prostate cancer support lists listed below, "Always as close as the other end of your computer to help address any prostate cancer concerns."












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