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MSKCC- PSA Test @ 45!

Geoff Buttfield

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The Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Centre, in their latest newsletter, Suggest that an initial PSA test should be performed at age 45, with the results of that test used to categorise into Low Risk (Test every 5 years) or Medium to High Risk (Test every 2 years). 

They note that PSA screening has been shown to reduce the number of deaths (and presumably, the number of advanced/incurable initial diagnoses) by 20-44% over 10 to 14 years.


Dr Peter Scardino writes

"Instead of abandoning PSA testing altogether, we should consider better, smarter ways to use the tool to continue to give patients the benefit of early detection and effective treatment for dangerous prostate cancers, while reducing the risk of harm from overdiagnosis and overtreatment."



To view the article, click on this link-




Or to view the latest news from MSKCC, or subscribe to their online newsletter click on this link- 


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