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World renowned medical oncologist Dr Stephen Strum (USA) offering help again

Nev Black

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  Dr. Stephen Strum has resubscribed to p2p, and is willing to once

again answer clinical questions from patients or their representatives.

A few caveats:

1. Dr. Strum is now retired and has had some problems with his eyes

and back, both of which limit the amount of time he can spend at the

computer. So, he will select the questions he answers on p2p from

among those posted. If your question is posted, there is no guarantee

that you will receive a response.

2. Please do not direct your questions to Dr. Strum, but use the

salutation "Dear Doctors" instead. It isn't possible to specify which

of the p2p physicians will respond.

3. Please make sure that your (required) PC Digest contains all

important information, BUT please do not post an enormously long

digest that would create a huge amount of work for the responding physician.

4. A complete digest is required with every posting, even if your

question has a small focus. The reason is that p2p is a teaching

list, so the responding physician needs a complete digest in order to

use your case as a teaching tool.

5. Make certain that your p2p posting contains a CLINICAL question --

one that is based on your diagnosis and treatment history. The

doctors don't have the time or energy to answer general or

theoretical questions about PCa. You can post the latter to any of

the patient-to-patient discussion groups, or do your research via

search engines.

6. The PC Digest instructions are always available here:


Unfortunately, the links to the Prostate Cancer tools, formerly at

the PCRI website, no longer work. If you can find similar tools

elsewhere, use them. If not, do the best you can with your digest.

The doctors would like to see medical information presented in PC

digest format, NOT IN NARRATIVE PARAGRAPH FORM. It makes it easier

for them to access and understand your information.

As the doctors have repeatedly stated on p2p, context is crucial. So

that the doctors can easily interpret your information, they would

like your digest done in chronological order, meaning that diagnosis,

treatments, medications, PSAs and other test results should NOT be in

separate sections. Please prepare your digest in chronological order,

with the date first on each line -- followed by what happened on that

date, separated by commas (procedure, lab test, introduction or

cessation of medication, etc.). Please don't attempt to create a

table or chart -- the results are unpredictable and columns usually

don't line up when viewed in the recipient's email program. When

reporting tests, please include the actual value for each test, not a

summary such as "my PSA rose over a period of 6 months."

Please add your digest to your message (in the body of the message,

not as an attachment), followed by your questions, and resubmit your

message to the p2p posting address:


And last, a huge thank-you to Dr. Strum for coming back to p2p!


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