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A tale of two storms


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Topics in the Lounge forum can be about anything you like. They do not have to be about your health, and this story is not.

Lightning hit our house on Saturday 17 November 2012, destroying most electronics in the house.

Lightning hit the large spotted gum tree behind our house on Sunday 18 November 2012, blasting the tree to pieces. One smallish limb went past the house to knock over our front gate, but the bulk of the tree landed on our roof, with bits going into the lounge.

The full story is here:

Lightning - two strikes

Wendy and I would like to thank all those who volunteered to help us. We were only sorry we could not say yes to you all, but were heartened that you cared enough to offer. Complications were that the place was like a sawmill for the first week, that the damage had to be left in place until the insurance assessors and the Asbestos Make Safe team had finished, and that cleaning when asbestos is involved is a painstaking process of damping, wiping, drying, being careful not to use a dirty rag for cleaning a new surface, and disposing of cleaning cloths and materials.

We did accept the offer from Nev Black, because he has a ute.

But we got much more than the ute.

Nev and his daughter Kerri turned up one day and cleaned up the yard, broken tiles, the lot. They closed the gaping hole in asbestos cement in the veranda ceiling, then moved inside to move the china cabinet to safety in another room, and began cleaning floors, books, CDs, DVDs and so on.

Nev returned another day with his wife Lyn and completed the arduous task of cleaning our hundreds (thousands?) of books, CDs, DVDs.

It is impossible to express what a difference their cheerful presence made. Wendy and I happened to be in very low health at the time. We both have quite some physical limitations, the job before us was daunting, and dealing with electricians, builders, and insurance assessors a challenge. So we were both in low spirits. Just having Nev, Kerri and Lyn around, cheerfully helping us and chatting lifted our spirits considerably, perhaps from the dark edge of depression into the light.

We are very grateful to Nev, Kerri and Lyn, all those who volunteered to help, and all those who sent their good wishes. Thank you all!

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Thanks Jim,

I am so glad to hear that you are getting slowly getting back on your feet and starting to feel a lot better . What a great pleasure to hear about Nev Black and his family what a wonderful family. It is great to see how the Support services work for so many of our guys and to know we are all their for one and other.

Thank you for sharing you’re your story iy gives everyone so much hope at times like you and Wendy have had

All the best and here's for a great 2103


Daryl & Judy Hyland

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Wow, Jim - I had no idea that the damage was so extensive - and that you were both so vulnerable at the time!

In perspective, I guess that you would rather have been the victims of lightning strikes than bushfire or inland tsunami - and have no insurance ambiguities to deal with.

It's great to have real friends at such a time. Nev and his family certainly came through for you both.

Best wishes,


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Jim/Wendy: Unbelievable stuff you must be coping with. Who would have thought two storms and two lightning strikes, how could anyone be so unlucky? I suppose you have been searching for the good things about this event and should be content with the fact that neither of you were injured. Just the same you could have done without the stress.


From your tale it is heartening to see the response in offers of assistance from friends, family and aquaintences. Keep me in mind if there is anything I can help out with administration wise to help ease the load. I am still at the Sunshine Coast having radiation therapy, Finished the prostate stuff and now attending to radiation on the nose to preserve it from more drastic surgery for BCC skin cancer.


Jim/Wendy all the best wishes to you.


Lee aka Popeye

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