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Consulting a top USA medical oncologist by phone or Skype video

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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

Three top medical oncologists I know of in the USA offer remote consultations - Dr Snuffy Myers, Dr Gerald Chodak and Dr Mark Scholz. There are probably others.

Remote consultations by phone or Skype are attractive for Australian advanced prostate cancer patients because of the enormous financial risk in a visit to the USA.

The risk comes from the combination of:

  • Not being to obtain travel insurance which covers health costs if you have advanced prostate cancer; and
  • The extraordinary high costs of American medical treatment - a simple accident in the USA could cost you your home.

My lifelong best friend was a GP so I have had many phone consultations over the years.

I have also had a couple of Skype video consultations.

I can confirm that Skype video is a lot better than phone, and personal is far better than Skype video.

Before today I knew that Dr Snuffy Myers required a personal visit before he began phone consultations.

In today's video from him he explains that he also needs a personal visit annually to continue phone consultations.

... end Jim

View the video here:

PCa Phone Consultations

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Hi Jim and others,

I can add that Dr Dattoli in Florida is amenable to a (initial free) phone or Skype consult. (Dr Dattoli's practice is regarded as the the world's best in treating soft tissue mets with high precision stereotactic radiation- especially pelvic, abdominal and chest lymph nodes - . He uses the services of Dr Bravo (Sandlakes Lab), who has perfected MRI lymph node imaging using feraheme (successor to Holland's Jelle Barentz and Combidex MRI). Snuffy Myers is certainly a keen Bravo/ Dattoli advocate. (The other caveats that Jim refers to remain true).

I wonder what the various health funds' position is on meeting part of the costs of (legitimate) specialised overseas medical treatment?


Alan B

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