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Dr Mark Moyad on multivitamins


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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

Dr Mark Moyad probably knows more about alternative medicines than most other men on earth.

His advice on multivitamins, consistent over many years, has been:

Adults should take a single daily children's multivitamin tablet.

So after he finds that:

"The first major randomized clinical trial of a single daily multivitamin reduced the risk of cancer being diagnosed in men 50+ years old and even in those with a history of cancer" (though not for prostate cancer),

what is his new recommendation?

Adults should take a single daily children's multivitamin tablet.

Dr Moyad explains that the study was based upon the adult dose at the start of the study in 1997, and he cannot recommend the newer multivitamins that have many more ingredients and a different formulation. He has always been against high doses of any vitamin, pointing out that when high doses have been tested they are often harmful.

The full article is in the December UsTOO Hotsheet, along with the regular articles by Dr Snuffy Myers and Dr Gerald Chodak, and topical articles by other learned researchers and clinicians, which can be found here:


and if that's not enough, see years of monthly hotsheets at:


... end Jim

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