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Billy Brag's story - well past the median 3 years his urologist advised

Billy Brag

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It is over 7 years since I was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer and that it was treatable but not curable

I was advised that the median life expectancy was 3 years but 10% live at least 10 years .-my Urologist then said if you keep yourself fit and healthy you should have a better outcome

So after 7 years of continuous ADT my PSA is starting to increase but I am still fit and healthy and I am still playing better golf than before I was diagnosed.

Month and year of diagnosis. Example: June 2009

August 2005

Age at diagnosis. Example 61 years


PSA at diagnosis. Example: 7.7


Gleason score at diagnosis. (from biopsy) Examples: 7 OR 3+4


Biopsy details. Examples: Positive cores 7/12 (58%) OR (R: 4+5 75%, 4+5 75%, 4+5 95%, 4+3 20%, 3+4 15% L: -, -, -, -, -, 3+4 50%)

6 prostate biopsies-five out of 6 were positive 4+4

Bone scan result at diagnosis. Examples: Clear OR Metastases in pelvis and lower spine

Metastatic adenocarcinoma in the right acetabulum -measuring 10mm in length and 2mm in diameter

Lymph nodes at diagnosis. Examples: Clear OR CT scan shows 2 lymph nodes positive


Highest PSA before treatment. Example: 10.4


Initial treatment - hormone therapy. Examples: Zoladex, continuous OR Zoladex + Cosudex intermittent after initial 12 months

Hormone therapy Eligard plus androcur for the flare

Lowest PSA after initial treatment. Example: 0.2


Testosterone after treatment. Examples: 6 nmol/L after 6 months, 15 nmol/L after 18 months

could not be measured

Month and year of recurrence. Example: June 2012

JUne 2011

PSA at recurrence. Example: 2.7


Testosterone at recurrence. Example: 0.5 nmol/L


Bone scan result at recurrence. Examples: Clear OR Metastases in pelvis and lower spine


Other scan result at recurrence. Examples: CT scan clear OR Pelvic MRI with IV contrast shows recurrence in prostate bed


Recurrence treatment - hormone therapy. Examples: Zoladex + Cosudex continuous OR Nilutamide

eligard plus zometa infusions

Current treatment status. Examples: Continuing ADT OR Monitoring PSA each 6 weeks

continuing ADT -monitoring pSA every 3 months

Last few PSA scores with dates. Example: PSA 0.04 Jul 2011, PSA 0.05 Sep 2011, PSA 0.07 Feb 2012, PSA 0.11 Jul 2012

10 in april 2012 and 18 in September 2012

Final paragraphs - anything else you wish to say

Oncologist is avoiding extra treatment at this stage to preserve quality of life -I practice meditation,yoga,tai chi,and use acupuncture and play golf twice a week -

Posted the simpler way on our Write Your Own History page. Click here to write your own.

With apologies from Jim Marshall for the delayed posting.

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Hi Billy,

Have just read your story which has a couple of similarities to my journey.

Initial Diagnoses: Acute Sciatica.

Diagnosed with Metastatic Prostate Cancer July 08 Age 62

PSA 126, 5 days later 138ug/L

Stage IV T3 M1+,

Gleeson Score 8 + 7

Secondaries: Pelvis, Lumbar Spine, Thoracic Spine, R. Shoulder, Rib #01 R. side

Life Expectancey 3 - 4yrs.

Treatment: ADT Zoladex and Cosudex Intermiient

Radio Therapy for pain Management feb Mar 09.


Still alive.

PSA 0.90

1 new clearly defined secandry 4th Rib left side

Possibly 4 others r Ribs but clearly defined yet.

Just had 8th Zoladex Implant so will be interesting to see if PSA falls again!

Contact Details 0407 927060

Good Luck


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