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HowTo 0020: VIDEO: Website - finding, two parts, forums, replies, member details. 10 mins. Combines Parts 1-4 below.


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This 10 minute YouTube video combines parts 1-4 in one.
It will help you with:

Finding our website
Part 1 of this video will tell you an easier way of getting here than remembering
h t t p : / / a d v a n c e d p r o s t a t e c a n c e r a u s t r a l i a . i p b h o s t . c o m / i n d e x . p h p

Understanding what the two parts of the new website are about
The website used to be only forums.
JimJimJimJim.com was just a way to get there.
But now the website has two parts, and Part 2 of this video will show you how it works.

Understanding how the forums are organized, and how to get around them
Hundreds of articles and some personal stories have been contributed by members.
Part 3 of this video explains how to reach them.

Understanding members facilities - the only place you find out about replies to topics, plus finding member details and how to reply to someone's story
Members get emails for new topics, but not emails for replies to topics (unless you were the original contributor).
Part 4 of this video will show you where you have to look for those new replies.

Plus it will show you:

  • where to see phone numbers and other details that members have chosen to share with other members.
  • how to reply to a story.

Click this sentence to play the video.

Once the video starts playing, a cog wheel will appear in the dark bar immediately above this line.

Clicking on the cog will let you change the picture quality:

  • Choose highest number for clearer picture.
  • Choose lowest number if your internet if your connection is slow, or if you have a limited data plan.

Full screen is also available by the small picture frame corners on that same dark bar.

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