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Clinical trials - Dr Tom Beer and Larry Axman tell all

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Dr Tom Beer and Larry Axman (a cancer survivor) have written a new book about clinical trials.

The authors presented a webinar (talk over the internet) to members of UStoo, the USA equivalent of the PCFA about clinical trials and their book.

The first 10 minutes introduce the authors and their book. The second 10 minutes explain clinical trials (Clinical trial - studies where patients volunteer for experimental therapy). The third 10 minutes help you if you are interested in a trial, and the last 3 sections are questions and answers

If your internet access is very good, you can see the 1 hr 7 min talk if you click here:

Clinical trials webinar

For members with no computer, or inadequate or expensive internet, we make this available on DVD. The DVD is divided into chapters to make it easy to find your particular interest.

To see our DVD library click here:

DVD library

You can see details of the book and one or two reviews by clicking:

Cancer Clinical Trials: A Commonsense Guide to Experimental Cancer Therapies and Clinical Trials [Paperback]

Tomasz M. Beer M.D. (Author), Larry W. Axmaker Ed.D. (Author)

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