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Gordon's story

Guest Gordon

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Introduction - if you wish

Went to the doctor in December 2003 at my wife's suggestion as I was getting up to urinate more often during the night.

PSA came back at 20 and doc tor arranged for appointment with Urologist after New Year break and prescribed antibiotics in case it was just a urinary tract infection.

By the time I saw the urologist at beginning of February my PSA had climbed to 27.

Month and year of diagnosis. Example: June 2009

January 2004

Age at diagnosis. Example 61 years


PSA at diagnosis. Example: 7.7


Gleason score at diagnosis. (from biopsy) Examples: 7 OR 3+4


Bone scan result at diagnosis. Examples: Clear OR Metastases in pelvis and lower spine


Lymph nodes at diagnosis. Examples: Clear OR CT scan shows 2 lymph nodes positive


Capsular penetration (growth through prostate wall). Examples: None OR MRI shows probable extra capsular extension at left base in midline surrounding seminal vesicles and ejaculatory ducts


Highest PSA before treatment. Example: 10.4


Initial treatment - radiation. Examples: External beam OR brachytherapy OR HDR brachytherapy boost

External Beam radiation [5 weeks] followed by HDR Brachytherapy [all preceded by 3 months on Luprin & Androcur [ 2months] to shrink the prostate

Lowest PSA after initial treatment. Example: 0.2


Month and year of recurrence. Example: June 2012

April 2009

PSA at recurrence. Example: 2.7

1.8 tredning upwards from 0.8 three months earlier

Bone scan result at recurrence. Exa mples: Clear OR Metastases in pelvis and lower spine

Metastases in pelvis and lower spine

Recurrence treatment - hormone therapy. Examples: Zoladex + Cosudex continuous OR Nilutamide

Zoladex + Cosudex. Cosudex was removed after PSA started to climb again. PSA dropped.

Recurrence treatment - other. Example: On trial of Zytiga (abiraterone acetate)

Commenced Zometa in January 2010 by monthly infusion

Current treatment status. Examples: Continuing ADT OR Monitoring PSA each 6 weeks

Currently still taking Zoladex every three months and zometa every month.

Participating in MDV3100 Prevail trial for chemotherapy naive;

Ketoconozole was added early in 2102 when MDV3100 did not appear to be working well enough.

Last scan showed some reductionin isze of lymph nodes and metatases but also showed additional metastases.

As other signs were good doctor suggested that this could be a flair reaction. Will know in October at next scan.

PSA is monitored every month. Bone Scan and CT Scan every three months as part of trial.

Last few PSA scores with dates. Example: PSA 0.04 Jul 2011, PSA 0.05 Sep 2011, PSA 0.07 Feb 2012, PSA 0.11 Jul 2012

May 2012 PSA 8.8;

July 2012 PSA 11;

August 2012 PSA 11

Final paragraphs - anything else you wish to say

Although the predictions for the future do not look good, at present I am enjoying life with minimal aches and pains, This year I have managed to build a wood fired pizza oven, spent 8 weeks travelling around Europe and am looking firward to spending a month or more sailing on our yacht. As any grandfather does, I enjoy the seven grandchildren and pick the younger ones up and carry them around as well. I do get tired on occasions and know that if I do too much heavy lifting, I will get pains in my back. [i'm a little stupid so I do get pains in my back]. I need to get more exercise [which is easy when you are away and walking b ut not so easy when around the house.] I also restrict my alcohol intake and take a teaspoon of turmeric each morning.

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The last part of your story is inspirational - getting on with life, travelling, enjoying grandchildren - shows you are making the most of your situation.


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