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Volunteer for article on depression in Zoladex patient support magazine


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Karen Fitall, editor of Directions magazine for men using Zoladex has sent this request.

Please reply to this email if you wish to volunteer, and I will pass you your details to Karen.

I'm a writer with a magazine called Directions, which is distributed to men receiving a particular treatment for prostate cancer (Zoladex) as part of a patient support program.

In an upcoming issue, we're featuring a story about how prostate cancer can lead to an increased risk of depression in men and, as well as featuring expert comment from a beyondblue spokesperson, we'd like to include some comments from a man who, having been diagnosed with and treated for prostate cancer, has experienced depression as a result.

Obviously it's a sensitive topic and one that some men aren't comfortable talking about, but we hope that, for our readers, being able to hear from a man who has actually lived this, it might help either make them more aware of the warning signs, or reach out for help if they're suffering with depression themselves.

I wonder whether one of your support group members may have had such an experience, and if so, may be willing to share it with our readers?

If so, all it would involve is a brief phone or email interview with myself, and they would of course get the chance to read the story before it went to print to ensure they were happy with it. Ideally, it would be wonderful to chat with an appropriate man sometime in the next two weeks.
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