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Queensland rainforest drug EBC-46 not for metastatic prostate cancer

Guest NeilBlack

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Guest NeilBlack

Back in 2010, the Courier-Mail reported:

A BREAKTHROUGH Queensland drug that has cured cancer tumours in pet dogs, cats and horses is to be trialled on humans.

Queensland life science company QBiotics Limited's chief executive Dr Victoria Gordon says it will fast-track human trials for their cancer drug EBC-46.

She said EBC-46 would be the first drug discovered from Australia's unique rainforests to enter human clinical trials.

Dr Gordon said the drug had successfully reduced or eliminated inoperable solid tumours in more than 100 pet dogs, cats and horses.

She said the drug could help treat human skin cancer, head and neck cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

A link to that article:

EBC-46 in the Courier-Mail

The company website says:

Clinical Trials - Humans

EBC-46 is delivered locally in a single treatment by direct injection into tumours, or by topical application onto the tumour surface.

EBC-46 is active against a wide range of tumour types and is potentially useful in treating a range of tumours that can be accessed for direct injection or topical application of the drug.

EBC-46 only works locally at the site of delivery and there is no evidence to suggest that EBC-46 has any systemic efficacy against metastatic disease.

Clinical trials in humans

QBiotics is rapidly advancing the drug towards the necessary regulatory approvals for conducting human clinical trials.

An announcement as to the commencement of these trials will be made in due course.

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