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Dr Snuffy Myers new prostate cancer healthy living cook book released


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Snuffy Myers new book is a healthy living plan which helps:

  • slow the rate at which prostate cancer grows in current patients;
  • prevent prostate cancer from occurring in men who haven’t been diagnosed;
  • prevent heart disease;
  • prevent high blood pressure;
  • prevent diabetes;
  • prevent Alzheimer’s disease; and
  • prevent colon cancer.

The comprehensive opening segments of The New Prostate Cancer Nutrition Guide cover the basics of Dr. Myers’s anti-prostate cancer diet as well as the ABCs of stocking and running a healthy kitchen. The recipes that follow wed prostate-healthy diet principles with his wife and sister-in-law’s Mediterranean family traditions and the haute California cuisine techniques his daughter learned over the last two decades in restaurants and catering companies of San Francisco and Napa Valley.

As an integral component of Dr. Myers’s prostate cancer growth arrest program, The New Prostate Cancer Nutrition Book is a must-read for any man whether he’s interested in prevention, has just been diagnosed, or is facing recurrent or even advanced disease.

You can order your book here:

Click on this sentence to order The New Prostate Cancer Nutrition Book.

Price: $25


$6.5 – Within the United States via UPS

$10 – Canada / Mexico via ground mail

$16 – Outside the United States via International Economy

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