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Keep Abiraterone going after PSA rises advises Dr Judd Moul


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Jim Marshall (not a doctor) said ...

Abiraterone is used to extend useful life after chemotherapy with Docetaxel/Taxotere fails.

It is not yet covered by PBS in Australia, but many men are hoping it will soon be.

Some men are on Abiraterone as part of clinical trials.

At the recent American Urological Association (AUA) Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Dr. Judd Moul warned doctors not to stop Abiraterone treatment just because PSA rises.

Dr Jull advised men should keep using Abiraterone after PSA rises.

Abiraterone should not be stopped until:

  • PSA rises by 25% over it's level when the abiraterone was started;
  • AND scans of bone show things are worse;
  • AND their doctor sees clinical progression (added pain is one indicator).

... end Jim





It’s important to point out for the clinician, In the clinical trial where Zytiga was FDA approved, the trial did not base the discontinuation on PSA alone. The patients had to have met three criteria for disease progression before abiraterone acetate was stopped. First, they had to have a 25% increase in their PSA levels over baseline when they started the drug. Second, they had to have radiographic progression (bone scan, CT scan or MRI had to show worsening of the disease). Third, they had to have symptomatic or clinical progression as defined by the physician.

From a urology standpoint we certainly know patients follow their PSA. We follow PSA and rely on PSA; however, we encourage doctors using this drug not to simply stop the drug solely based on PSA progression as well as educating our patients about how to define success and progression with this product.

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