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Som Sabadell flashmob


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Jim Marshall (not on topic today) said ...

This will be a rare posting of a non-advanced prostate cancer topic.

But, if you do not get lots of emails with the odd and interesting, unusual and beautiful, I could add you to my FriendsOfJimMarshall list to get this kind of thing if you wish.

Then, every time I feel inspired to pass on something to friends and family, it will come to you too.

Just one condition - please don't send me any of this kind of emails in return!

I get plenty from friends and family. And some of them take some time for me to check they have no viruses.

Just go to JimJimJimJim.com, Click on Contact Jim and let me know the email address you wish added.

This link was sent by Chuck Maack, a USA PCa survivor and advocate with an Australian connection, to another prostate cancer group, and I will be sending it on to my family and friends.

It is typical of the type of things I send to family and friends, and the sort of thing you might expect if you are added to my list.

I love flash mobs.

But I really love this one!

On YouTube, 5 minutes long!

... end Jim

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