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Encore: Cabozantinib update


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Member Ian McKenzie has sent in a copy of a New Scientist article updating progress on Cabozantinib.

This investigational drug (previously called XL184) is showing great promise.

Where most drugs can deal with only one or two types of cancer, Cabozantinib has shown activity against 12 of the 13 types of cancer it has been tried with (including Prostate Cancer).

We first reported on Cabozantinib here:




where one of the startling results reported was that it can shrink bone metastases.

Like a number of other cancer drugs, one component Cabozantinib (Cabo for short) blocks growth of the new blood vessels that a growing cancer needs.

Unfortunately, this usually makes the cancer more aggressive and mobile, and new growth of cancer at the edge, and new metastases emerge.

Cabo tackles this with a second component that at the same time blocks this spreading.

You can see spectacular images of Cabo's effect on bone metastases here:



Cabo bone scans

Cabo does not cure the cancer. Like most other drugs, it slows the process down.

Cabo has a long way to go before it is on the market.

For those who wish to know more, you can get a copy of the New Scientist article from Ian McKenzie, or from Jim Marshall.

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