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There are many, many questions that can arise in advanced prostate cancer.

Chances are than for a lot of questions you have, our site may have a little information.

But what if that does not tell you enough about what you want to know?

Before today, you just had to type your search into Google, Bing or Yahoo and try to wade through the thousands of links that came up.

And the worst thing was that the ones that come up at the top of the page are mostly wanting to sell you something, not offer you unbiassed information.

Sydney member Tony Maxwell to the rescue!

Tony has for a long time been collecting the best sites with information about prostate cancer, especially advanced prostate cancer.

And now we have made them very easily available.

Near the top of every page of the website you used to see:

Forums, Members, Help, Calendar

Now you see:

Forums, Members, Help, Calendar, Links Directory

Please try out some of the links now.

It will make it easier for you to find what you want at a later date when things might be more urgent.

Feel free to add more information for other members in the comments section under each link.

Please click on the stars to rate each link (1 to 5 stars). Links more members like (more stars) will appear higher on the page.

After you click on the blue ribbon, you will find the Links Directory in the menu at the top of every page, or you can go there quickly by clicking:

Links Directory

Many thanks Tony!

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