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Encore: New Year's resolutions?


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I'm not a great one for New Year resolutions.

In my family, excess consumption did not end with Christmas.

Another feast followed on New Year's Day.

So the idea of self-denial beginning on New Year's Day just didn't take.

But if you have the willpower for resolutions, for some of us, resolving to eat more healthily, and to exercise more, might be a good place to start.

Some links to past topics below may help you on your way.

All the best for the New Year - resolutions or not!

On diet:

Snuffy Myers on breakfast

Fatty chook meat and eggs

Saturated fats

Body Mass Index and survival

On exercise:

Why: Dr Snuffy on resistance exercise

How: Abby Smith YouTube: Resistance exercise

(see also Appendix 4 in the book Advanced Prostate Cancer: a guide for men and their families. Contact Jim if you need a free copy.)

Results: You can be fitter than the average man. See the graph in a reply to this topic

What ever - all the best to you and yours in the New Year!

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