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Encore: Intermittent not good after surgery failure for Gleason score 8-10


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This study had small numbers, but its results are worth discussing with your doctor if you:

  • have had your prostate removed by surgery; and
  • have a Gleason score of 8, 9 or 10; and
  • your PSA has begun rising significantly; and
  • the question of intermittent therapy comes up.

Intermittent Hormone Therapy (IHT), is also called intermittent Androgen Deprivation (IAD).

Basically it is taking drug 'holidays' when your PSA is low, and starting your drugs when it rises again.

Nine out of twelve cases with Gleason score of 8, 9 or 10 failed to respond to IAD and all developed metastatic and/or locally advanced disease.

(Locally advanced = growing through the prostate wall, outside the capsule. Metastatic = growing in new sites away from the prostate.)

Of the men with Gleason score of 7 or less, not one failed to respond to intermittent hormone therapy.

High risk factors - like Gleason score 8-10 - should be used to guide treatment.

Other high risk factors should also be taken into account.

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