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Encore: Intermittent not good for metastatic disease


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Our Daily Digest emails usually report new topics.

While the Daily Digest system is broken, I thought it would be a good time to introduce our Encore topics.

Topics in the Encore forum are not new topics on the online Community. These Encore topics are being brought to members attention again because of recent interest in the topic, or to bring important topics to the attention of newer members.

So, welcome to the very first Encore topic.

During our recent teleconference, a member asked about intermittent ADT for metastatic disease. He asked what members thought about "taking a break from hormone therapy" while metastatic.

Our Encore topic today is "Intermittent not good for metastatic disease". Click:


[be aware that while topics posted by JimmyToowong may contain mostly expert material from clinicians or researchers, the highlighting is by Jim Marshall, and the topic titles are written by Jim Marshall or JimmyToowong.]

This is one of the topics you can read in the Metastatic forum.

You could also have found it by typing

  • metastatic intermittent

in the Search box at the top right of the screen.

Technical note, if you are that way inclined:

You have subscribed to follow new topics in the Encore forum – Instantly.

I will post no more than one per day.

When the Daily Digest system is fixed, I will possibly make Encore part of the Daily Digest.



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