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Lots of options using drugs to treat advanced prostate cancer


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This guy is certainly trying everything. Might be interesting to find out more details. Would our group be interested in this? Regards Tony


I think some of the men would be interested.

I have highlighted the different drugs he and his doctors have used to keep him alive.

Paul Kienow

Hello Friends,

I completed my first treatment with Provenge last week. I have the

leukapheresis done on Mondays and the infusions at oncologist's office on

Thursdays. I did not notice any significant side effects. The needles are

large and holding both arms so still for 3 to 4 hours is a little tiring.

The infusion is not unlike receiving chemotherapy without the side effects.

I have had more migraine headache occurrences since the infusion which may

or may not be due to the Provenge.

I have been taking the Zytiga since October 12th, after taking one half dose

for a week, and I have not noticed significant side effects. I have

sinusitis or rhinitis which I attribute to the drug, but no one else

believes the association exists. It could be that the moment my resistance

drops down a little bit, this is the first place infection sets in for me.

I had the same condition with the Taxotere/Avastin chemotherapy two years

ago. The standard of care for Zytiga is to take 2- 5 mg doses (not positive

about the dose) of Prednisone each day with the Zytiga. Because I dislike

the Prednisone, I only took one dose without noticeable side effects. The

moment I was scheduled for Provenge, my oncologist stopped the prednisone

and added a drug called Inspra (Eplerenone) 25 mg per day.

The bottom line is that neither treatment has caused noticeable side effects

so far. I am tired but not much worse than from the normal hormone

blockade. I continue the Lupron and Avodart with the above treatments.

This is my eighth year after being diagnosed with T3b, Gleason 9, in July

2004. The only side effects after mostly on ADT3 (a few short breaks), two

cycles of chemotherapy, 82 grey of radiation, testosterone supplementation,

and HIFU, is permanent ED and zero libido. Last PSA was 0.17 with a

doubling every 3 weeks under ADT3 with Nilutamide.


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