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Curcumin (from Tumeric) - a longish shot? - Dr Snuffy Myers video


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The general rule is clear - avoid supplements.

I personally do, however, take just one supplement - Curcumin (from Turmeric, a relation of ginger, that provides the yellowish colour to Asian curries and Western mustards).

In this video, Dr Snuffy Myers tells why he gives Curcumin to some patients.

Some points:

  • Curcumin has been shown to be effective in humans in cancer of the pancreas and cancer of the colon;
  • Curcumin has been shown to have some anti-inflammation and pain relief in humans; and
  • Curcumin has shown effectiveness against prostate cancer in the lab and in animals.

This light scientific evidence would not normally be enough to recommend putting something extra into your body.

However, the safety of Curcumin shown in research impresses Dr Myers. And it is also hard to overdose because high doses cause diarrhea.

The Curcumin I take is "Super Bio-Curcumin" from LifeExtension (because this is the brand one patient tells us that Dr Myers recommends to because it makes the Curcumin readily available to your body.)

The difference between Super Bio-Curcumin and the plain curcumin (Turmeric), the spice, is mainly the addition of piperine, the active ingredient of black pepper.

This does make more of the curcumin more available to your body.

But at the same time:

  • it may make more of some drugs available to your body - perhaps exceeding the safe dose. (For this reason piperine has been used with chemotherapy to make more of the chemotherapy drug available to the body).
  • it will cause a change in the nature of the bile you secrete for digestion. If you have gastrointestinal problems such as gallstones, stomach ulcers, hyperacidity, bile duct obstructions, or you have had your gallbladder removed, this could provoke a health crisis.

This happened to me. Not understanding about the piperine, I suffered nausea the same as I would experience after consuming too much meat fat. (If you have had your gallbladder removed like me, you may understand how unpleasant this is.)

Stopping the curcumin with the piperine fixed the problem immediately.

Starting with standard curcumin, with no piperine, gave me no problem.

So - maybe something to ask your doctor about.

Your doctor will say "No" if you are on Mitoxantrone (the chemotherapy drug used before Docetaxel became available) or on Adriamycin (commonly used against breast cancer.)

It will cost you about 60c per day, around $220 per year.

[Mitoxantrone is sometimes spelt mitozantrone]

See the video here:


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I buy Super-Bio-Curcumin from Life Extension.

See warning above in green.

The website is in the USA, but the goods are shipped from Fiji.

This was a link to the product at the time of posting:


If that has gone stale, search on




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