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Stephen Strum's prostate cancer primer now an eBook


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An eBook is a book you can read with eBook reader software.

The most common eBook software is Kindle.

Kindle software will run on your computer, on your iPhone or Android phone, your iPad, or on Kindle's own brand computer (called a Kindle).

The reason the Kindle software (also called an "app", short for "application" is free is that, except for some very old, or not very popular books, eBooks are not free. You pay Amazon.com for the eBook. Prices are much cheaper than paper copies (most bestsellers are US $9.99).

If you buy it for one device, you can generally use it on other devices free. If I buy an eBook from Amazon, I can read it on my iPad, continue on my iPhone while waiting in the doctor's waiting room, and Wendy has access to it on her iPad.

This eBook is $9.95.

Jeff Lowe and I discussed Stephen Strum here:


Among other things, I said:

Dr Stephen Strum whom you mention probably contributed more to this patient awareness than any other doctor on earth.

His book with Donna Pogliano - A Primer on Prostate Cancer: The Empowered Patient's Guide - while getting dated now 9 years after publication, remains the most comprehensive book on the disease.

If you follow this link to Amazon.com:


You will be able to read 40 reader reviews (5 star book).

You will be able to get a sample of the book into your Kindle for free.

I did this - it took a few seconds to be on my iPhone.

I tested the search function. (I have the paper book. Only reason to buy would be to be able to find stuff quickly.)

It worked well and fast.

So I bought the full eBook.



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