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Resistance exercise for cancer video


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After a very informative talk by Kate Bolam last week, you may be wondering how hard resistance exercise may be.

This YouTube clip may help to convince you that it need not be all massive weights at a gym.

Of course, you should consult your doctor before taking on any new exercise regime.

This is not a video picked by an exercise physiologist or a doctor.

It just appealed to me (and I am not a doctor).

This 5 minute video can be supplied to members on a DVD if that is useful. Just contact me.

Just a reminder that if you are a member you should Sign in on the website, because members see more features on the website.

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My rubber bands have arrived:


Set of 5 with different strengths, handles, foot band for $20 posted from Australia.

(Ordered Saturday, delivered Wednesday.)

Single $9.50 posted from Australia.

Single $5.00 posted from Hong Kong (allow 3-4 weeks).

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