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Vitamin D - advice still unclear


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  • Some doctors believe men with prostate cancer should take vitamin D supplementation to ensure their vitamin D levels are within the normal range. (Dr Snuffy Myers, for instance).
  • As with all supplements, some doctors believe in much higher levels.
  • Dr Mark Moyad is very wary of vitamin D supplementation.

Dr Moyad has said:

  • You should remember that despite its name, Vitamin D is really a hormone. Hormones usually do not work if there is too little or too much.
  • Many studies of large quantities of a number of supplements have shown harm to date. Taking large quantities of vitamin D may also do harm.
  • Increasing you vitamin D by exercise, diet, and occasional sunshine does seem sensible.

Note that USA lab measurements of Vitamin D are in ng/ml, while in Australia nmol/ml (same as pmol/L) is used. My N&S report says the normal range is 65 to 175 pmol/L. Your doctor may use as an approximation nmol/L divided by 2.496 -> ng/ml.

USA prostate cancer survivor (not a doctor) Chuck Maack summarizes the case for here:


Or, if that doesn't work


Or a copy made on Tuesday, 1 November 2011 at:


An article by Dr Mark Moyad on vitamin D can be found in this issue of Prostate Cancer Choices:


Or, if that doesn't work:


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