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Pad schemes


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Good teleconference the other day. I always learn something new - the Diabetes 2 tendency for people like us was a revelation to me.

I was to give you some detail about the continence pad support for you to pass on to our friend.

Here goes.

I was advised of these subsidies by the Incontinence Nurse adviser in Blue Care at their Rockhampton Centre (after spending muchly at chemists to cope with my habit!). The point is that to access the subsidies the intial paperwork has to be done by an appropriate medical adviser. I would expect that Blue Care provides this service in most major centres as does OzCare and most GPs. The schemes are of course only for those with a chronic continuing incontinence problem.

Every 6 months I receive at no cost an order of pads which has to be renewed each 6 months. (in my case the pads don't necessarily last the full 6 mths). This is a scheme funded by the State Govt known as the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme. The scheme can be reached on 07 3136 3665

In addition the Commonwealth has a scheme which provides $500 annually paid straight into your bank account. Again the initial paperwork has to be provided by an appropriate health professional. The scheme is known as the Continence Aids Payment Scheme (CAPS). According to my records the contact is 1300 134 260.

Hope this helps.

trust all is well with you Jim. We are focussed on packing , removing and selling before we move to Wellington Point in early december.

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Thanks for that Noel.

Euan and I will let the chap in Darwin know the next time we chat with him.

All is well with me, thanks. Had a big fall about a fortnight ago. Nothing broken. Just bruising and slight loss of confidence.

Taking more care about moving now.


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