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Disease (Advanced PCa) management for the layman

Bruce Kynaston

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My disease management for the layman would be:

Join a PCa support group, if not in one already.

If you can, find doctors who will listen to you.

Your management plan runs from your GP to your consultant advisers -

urologist (who, with the GP may be the first to pick up the rise in PSA, or hear of the new symptoms, which may or may not be related to PCa, local or spread)

radiation oncologist, ditto,

medical oncologist (who may be a new and necessary experience, and should be consulted when ADT is commenced, if only to be aware of the problem and

a clinical psychologist, as anxiety is sure to lurk and we don't want it to progress to depression.

One hopes, if your medical team consider ADT they will refer the person for exercise, for the reasons we heard today (in the Advanced Cancer teleconference - 28.10.11)

It is not easy to get the right team!

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