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HowTo 0060: PICS: Finding your way around the Community


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In the Community you can easily get lost.

But you can always find the start page - the Community index - by clicking on the blue ribbon.


To go to the Calendar, click on the word Calendar.


To go to the Members list, click on the word Members.


To go to a Forum to see the topics in it, click on the words in the Forum title.


To see a Topic in a forum, click on the words of the topic title.


To get back to the start, always click on the blue ribbon.


For those who would like to know more

This help topic for instance is buried deep in the Community:

You start at the Community index page, go to the COMMUNITY category, to a Forum, to a Sub-Forum, and then to the topic:

Advanced Prostate Cancer Australia


→ Announcements, meetings and other resources

→ Help using the Community

→ HowTo 00060: Finding your way around the Community

A 'breadcrumb index' (remember Hansel and Gretel?) showing this is near the top of every page (including this one - look for it at the top of the white), and the bottom of every page.

You can click on each of the 'breadcrumbs' to move about if you wish.

But if you get lost - always remember: The blue ribbon takes you back to the Community index.

For more help topics, click here:


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