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Prostate Forum Volume 13 Number 1 including Ketoconazole, Leukine and Estradiol


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Prostate Forum Volume 13 Number 1 for me 06/06/2011

My summary of important points for me in Prostate Forum Volume 13 Number 1

Only take daily aspirin if there is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (bleeding risk).

If possible keep

  • systolic blood pressure under 130 mm Hg (Avapro is one of the good anti-hypertensives for those treated for prostate cancer listed by Dr Snuffy Myers).
  • ILDL (bad) cholesterol under 100. (Lipitor is one of the good LDL lowerers listed by Dr Snuffy Myers.)
  • Fasting blood sugar below 100

Egg white nearly pure protein.

Newly diagnosed metastatic prostate cancer - start with ADT3. PSA stops falling, change Casodex to Ketoconazole, Leukine and Estradiol patches. In Dr Snuffy Myers practice this has an 80% response rate compared to 40% for Taxotere chemotherapy.

ADT3 = Implant like Zoladex or Lucrin + Cosudex + Avodart

Fewer than 6 bone metastases, consider radiation to lesions + pelvic lymph nodes + prostate.

Muscle discomfort caused by some statins may be lessened by 50-100mg per day of Coenzyme Q10.

Note: I am not a doctor.

These are my notes for my interest.

They may not accurately reflect the original.

See the original by searching Google for

prostate forum newsletter subscribe

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