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This is a 7 minute video covering an Interview of Dr Neeraj Agarwal MD by Dr Farzanna S Haffizulla MD,FACP, FAMWA        It was recorded in September 2017. It is on the Practice today Web Site. It compares Docetaxel with Abiraterone, Enzalutamide and Tak700 ( TAK-700 is sort of a cousin of abiraterone) which doesn't require concomitant use of prednisone).

To see video click the link below.


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How do I open this - my laptop asks me what program to open with  - any suggestions?

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Patrick Turner

Hi Barree, 

That research fellow basically said that docetaxel or abiraterone+prednisolone  had similar results but there were no bio-markers in blood found yet to indicate which is better, but where the estimated mass of metastasis was high, with visceral mets in organs, the docetaxel was better than abira+pred. It seems my oncologist understands this, and because I have a low mass of mets he's put me on abira+pred, and I don't think much more could be done. But nobody is talking about a cure. It amuses me when these po-faced medicos talk about risk factors, and death avoidance with numbers, but we are all going to die. My doc predicts I might get 12 months or more with abira+pred, and by then the Pca will have outwitted this drug, and begun to grow again and then I'll be on docetaxel but Pca will outwit that, and then I get to qualify for Lu177, and just maybe I get a good result with my low volume of soft tissue visceral mets.

But the bone mets are worry; they don't always respond well to Lu177. The progression of drugs one after the other goes on, and the evil days of side effects of losing saliva and tear glands can be delayed a bit, along with having no sense of taste, and problems with teeth and gum health et all.

Thanks for the down to earth video.   

Catch you later,

Patrick Turner.

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Hi Chalkie,

I assume you are using a PC not an Apple Mac.  There are two good free programs to open Videos like this. Media light or VLC Media player.

Personally I prefer VLC.It can open more video programs than Media Light.

VLC runs on all versions of Windows, from Windows XP SP3 to the last version of Windows 10.

If you Google VLC free Download you will see the link.

Just click on the link and follow the instructions . If you have any problems let me know  and I will give you a call.

Hope this helps




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