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Colin's story - starting 1992 - as told to our Phone-in Meeting 3 February 2017


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“ColinB” Age 86 years.

As told to the Phone-in Meeting 3rd February 2017

Prostate Cancer History

  • Commenced in 1992 - psa 6. (Doctors in 1992 used “Benchmark” psa 4 )
  • In 2009, surgeon advised a T.U.R.P.
    • Prostate intruding into bladder.
      • Major Bleed during that TURP.
      • (Concern to stop bleeding.)
        •   Required “massive” transfusion
          • (7 units of blood and 3 of plasma - total of 10 pints)
          •   Two and a half days stay in Intensive care.
  • The outcome did have two positives– (there was no evidence of cancer in the discarded tissue and the psa was measured at 8.)
  •   With no evidence of cancer cells and at age 78 years, Uro was convinced no further problems.
  • Within a few years the psa gathered momentum and the following year (2014), a surprising and sharp elevation to psa 57.
  •   Tests (Nov. 2014) - Whole Body Scan / Renal Ultrasound / X-rays were scheduled .
  •   2015 - Transperineal Biopsy and Cytoscopy .
    • Results required immediate attention. 
      • PSA 57 ; Gleason numbers 4+5 = 9 (Lymphovascular invasion in one of the levels.)
  • March 2015 - Initial Lucrin Injection (preceeded by 2 weeks andocur)
  • Poor response required addition of 50 mg Cosudex to the injection protocol.
  • Gradual reduction over 2 years to psa 2.1
    • - Testosterone of 0.6


For the interest of those who may also have a co-morbidity :-.

I have a potential co-morbidity – “Lung Disorder” characterised by

  • Parenchymal Changes – tissue of an organ damaged and scarred by recurrent disease – pneumonia,
  • collapsed lung.
  •   Opacities/Granuloma
  • - Lung Gas ratios.
  •   Hyperexpanded Lungs. – Oxygen entering lungs met with greater resistance. Causes fatigue.


Philosophy – “Be Happy, Don’t Worry” – It may not happen !

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Hello Colin,


As also a prostate cancer patient since 1992, in reading your story I cannot help but ask what was occurring as far as attention to your known presence of prostate cancer between diagnosis in 1992 and 2009 and surgeon at least recommending a TURP? (Sorry to learn of the complications you experienced from that TURP).  Unfortunately – rather than call the results “positive” in that TURP residue failed to find cancer cells within, and now a PSA of 8.0ng/ml – I would call both “negatives.” Supposed lack of cancer cells turned out to provide a false belief of no cancer, and elevated PSA proved otherwise.  Now you were without attention to the obvious prostate cancer another few years until apparently a PSA check was run with a startling elevated 57ng/ml and subsequent biopsy now indicating another startling Gleason Score of 4+5/9.  Yes, it certainly was time to do something!  You were prescribed the injection of Lucrin to shut down testicular production of testosterone – a known culprit of stimulating cancer cell production.  In any event, the Lucrin, though bringing down testosterone production, had no effect on that testosterone produced by the adrenal glands and PSA was not dropping sufficiently.  We would have hoped that the earlier prescribed Androcur/cyproterone acetate would have been effective, but apparently it wasn’t until the antiandrogen Casodex (or its generic bicalutamide) was prescribed to block testosterone from other sources not affected by Lucrin (the adrenal glands) from transiting via androgen receptors to the cancer cells.  Many are unaware that when that testosterone reaches cancer cells it goes through a process, when coming in contact with 5Alpha Reductase (5AR), of converting to “dihydrotestosterone/DHT,” a much more powerful stimulant to cancer cell growth and proliferation than testosterone.  For this reason you may want to discuss with your treating physician (a Medical Oncologist or still the Urologist?) the prescribing of the 5AR “inhibitor” Avodart/dutasteride that prevents this conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (See:



I wish you well in your continued battle with prostate cancer as well as the other issues you have and are experiencing in this battle.


Disclaimer. I am not  a Medical Doctor.  By visiting my website www.theprostateadvocate.com and click on menu word “About,”

 you can read about my continuing journey/battle, my work as a mentor, my philosophy and  the full disclaimer. 





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