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New YouTube video. Beautiful words help get Mal and Alison through life.


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5 Minutes. Cc.

Mal and Alison have some beautiful words from Alison to help them deal with life's problems in this short video.


One of life's little problems is that Mal has had prostate cancer for 11 years, the past 5 years metastatic. He has had some problems with another medical condition, but no symptoms from his prostate cancer. 


Many thanks to Mal and Alison who us a glimpse of their private life in order to help others.


Jim's twelve year old grandson Matthew McKewin shot all the location shots in this video. Grandpa is very proud.


Our YouTube Channel: youtube.com/c/JimJimJimJim


People who subscribe to our YouTube channel get to see our videos a little before others.


Almost all our videos have Closed Captions Cc for the hard of hearing.

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