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A cancer drug that causes tumours to "completely shrink" in some patients

Paul Edwards

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You may have heard on the news in the last day or so about how Keytruda, a drug used for melanoma, has produced good results in clinical trials to treat patients with lung cancer. 


Preliminary studies suggest that some advanced prostate cancer patients may respond well to Keytruda and futher clinical trials with prostate cancer patients are being planned.


Click here to read a news article about the results of the clinical trials with Keytruda and lung cancer patients.


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I note that Keytruda is administered as an infusion every few weeks but has been approved under PBS

Xofigo is also administered as an infusion but apparently requires approval by MBS.

Is this because of its radioactivity property?

MBS approval requires pricing info disclosure by Bayer which is the current access roadblock.

Is there any workaround to get access for Xofigo via PBS?

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