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Brainstorming solutions to prostate cancer problems

Paul Edwards

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The American Prostate Cancer Foundation held its 2016 Coffey-Holden Prostate Cancer Academy Meeting in June.


During a typical scientific conference, presentations are between 15-60 minutes, with very little time (sometimes none at all) allotted for questions and discussion. This format is not conducive to attendee interaction or intended to expose or solve critical unmet and under-addressed issues, but serves more to review science.


The Prostate Cancer Academy Meeting format is a unique think-tank format where brief presentations (typically 10 minutes) are followed by lengthy discussion times to enable collective brainstorming on critical problems and paths for solutions.


Another unique concept of these meetings, is that half of the attendees are early career PhD, MD, and MD/PhD scientists. This meeting provides opportunities for this next generation of leaders to interact with and form relationships with senior investigators.


"Exceptional responders" are patients who exhibited a response lasting at least 6 months to a therapy that typically less than 10% of patients are predicted to respond to.  A session at the Prostate Cancer Academy Meeting was dedicated to discussing how studies on exceptional responders can generate insights into how these therapies work and how efficacy may be enhanced for a broader set of patients.


Read more about the Prostate Cancer Academy Meeting by clicking here


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Many thanks for this interesting post, Paul - personalised molecular medicine is getting closer!



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