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Paul Edwards

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From Joel Novak at Malecare:


"In a small (n=161 men) retrospectively study, the researchers examined patient characteristics, types and duration of prostate cancer therapies to see what parameters might effect the duration of Zytiga response.


The researchers found that the lower the PSA at the time Zytiga was started, the longer primary ADT duration, no prior exposure to ketoconazole, no prior chemotherapy and longer chemotherapy duration were associated with a longer response to Zytiga.


Simply stated, there was a correlation of a longer response in men who had a with smaller disease burden or less exposure to other prostate cancer therapies.


The study was not heavily powered (only 161 men) and was retrospective so its conclusions, despite being very interesting, need to be considered with a grain of salt.  However, you can still consider these findings when making treatment decisions."


Reference: Predictors of duration of abiraterone acetate in men with castrate-resistant prostate cancer http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27502737

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