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Update Lutetium177 Trial. - Treatment for Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer.


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Update Lutetium177 Trial.  Peter Mac - Treatment for advanced metastatic prostate cancer.


At the start of the trial in February 2016 my PSA level was 86.5, a week ago my PSA level had dropped to 26.3

Prior to the trial - scans showed I had a lot of bony metastases. Comparison of the gamma scans taken after each of the three prior Lutetium177 infusions showed  the bony metastases and tumors are progressively shrinking.


An accurate determination of just how effective the treatment has been will be carried out in approximately 10 weeks time using a variety of sophisticated Pet Scans. I will post the results.


During the course of the trial I found that my eyes, not unexpectedly became quite dry but eye drops have solved this problem.


Unlike many others on the trial, I developed quite a sore throat. It has recently been established that this is an oral Thrush infection. I developed a similar problem when on Enzalutamide.

It is not an uncommon problem when being treated with Cancer drugs,(as the immune system is compromised) but this can be treated with an over-the-counter pharmacy line.

Not unlike most other treatments for Prostate Cancer there are some side-effects caused by the treatment but nothing of a major nature.

I am in touch with some others on the trial and from what they have said,my experience (with the exception of the continuous sore throat ) seems to be reasonably representative.


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Hi Barree

Sorry been a bit slow but in between all am moving house which with my fatigue has slowed me down with most done by my wife.

Trial has been a bit messy mainly in Admin at the wonderful new Peter Mac having some teething problems.

I am under Dr Sheenan Sandhu who organised Bone Scan, CT Chest scan (1 day)and Kidney test ( 5 hours another day).

There are to be to more PET Scans which despite me saying I was sure we needed prior to any discussion with Dr Sandhu did not happen and have now been slotted in to this coming Friday 5/8 ( tomorrow) and the following Tuesday  9/8 ( Gallium ) .

So we had an unfortunate day last Friday when we met with Dr Sandhu with a total stuff up , firstly she asked me several questions and told me due to my bone marrow being high (???) I could not go on trial then to find out not me reading wrong patient !

When we got my results which showed kidney borderline, HB a bit low but then told me had I not had the 2 PET scans as no decision can be made until then - WTF. As we are coming from Geelong more than a bit peed off !

So now back tomorrow for first PET Scan and next Tuesday for Gallium PET Scan with meeting after this with with Prof Hoffman and Dr Sandhu to discuss result and can I go on trial?

PSA climbed from 77 to 98 in 1 month and I am feeling very fatigue and week in legs otherwise all going ok.

My main issue is middle back pain which seems to occur soon after walking around , lying in bed or sitting in chair no pain at all.

Interesting to read some of the trial results which seem encouraging.

Dr Sandhu when asked how many on trial told me 17 - just for your info.

Will update after 9/8 and thank you for interest.





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The current trial of Lutetium (Lu 177) being conducted at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne is no longer recruiting participants.


A large randomised trial to test this treatment is proposed for 2017 but is not yet recruiting.

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