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Approach to Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer -ASCO 2016

Paul Edwards

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"There are differing schools of thoughts regarding whether oligometastases represent isolated lesions—where targeted therapy may render a patient disease free—or whether they coexist with micrometastases, where targeted therapy in addition to systemic therapy is required for maximal clinical impact.   As such, the approach to the patient with oligometastatic prostate cancer requires multidisciplinary consideration, with surgery, radiotherapy, and systemic therapy potentially of benefit either singularly or in combination.  Indeed, mounting evidence suggests durable disease-free intervals and, in some cases, possibly cure, may be achieved with such a multimodal strategy.   However, selecting patients that may benefit most from treatment of oligometastases is an ongoing challenge. "


Click on this link to read a paper on oligometastatic prostate cancer from the 2016 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Scientific Meeting.



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