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Urgent request - Are you on Abiraterone (Zytiga)?

Nev Black

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This is an urgent call for you help.

If Nev Black did not call you today and you are on Abiraterone please send him an email or respond to this posting so Nev can call you back.

Maybe your Doctor is considering having you commence Abiraterone, shortly, please send Nev an email or respond to this post.  

Janssen Australia and New Zealand is having a Patient Working Group Meeting at 12:00-5:00pm 27th May 2016.

Please respond if you are on Abiraterone so Nev can give more detail.



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I am not sure what is wanted in response, but since I am in the U.S.A., will at least provide these papers on the subject of abiraterone acetate/Zytiga:


Zytiga/abiraterone acetate or Xtandi/enzalutamide - What is the Difference?*   http://tinyurl.com/9ozr5oa


Zytiga Interactions: http://tinyurl.com/ln6elg7

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