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Side effects cabazitaxel


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I am wanting to speak with any one who has had cabazitaxel and what if any side effects you experienced.

I am basically end stage but oncologist want to now try cabazitaxel for more time. I have intraductal prostate cancer, 4 years diagnosed. It was matastic at diagnoses. I have had zoladex, zytiga, 2 rounds of docexateil, and mitozantrone. I am now on Methadone and hydro morphine for pain. I have neuropathic pain in my feet really bad. Do I put myself through more chemo. Have heard it has nasty side effect. Thank you

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Hi Neil, 

I'm also have just  started cabazitaxel, after 8 yrs of advanced prostate cancer. So ill be interested to hear what other members have to say>

Thank you 

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Charles (Chuck) Maack

Regarding your concern to move to cabazitaxel/Jevtana;  the following from a patient when on the medication:

“I am currently doing Jevtana. I got through eight sessions before I was beat down and needed a break. I found that it's easier than the Taxotere was. It is important to do the premedication with the prednisone in between treatments daily for me. I do dexamethasone day before, day of, day after. I do Zyrtec the day before, 24 hours in advance. I do another Zyrtec one hour before IV. They give me IV Pepcid prior to the Jevtana drip. I've had two incidents where I've had reactions to Jevtana and they've stopped, then slowed the IV down: the first was the very first of eight and the second was my renewal from vacation last go around with number nine.

I take Neupogen, the white cell builder, days 23456. I have periods of profound fatigue that come from nowhere the first week to week and a half, then I get much better much more quickly.

We purchased a little travel van which has bathroom, bed, fridge, cooking. It really helps me manage medications, rest, and give us my wife and the rest of the family a near normal life even with a chronic patient.

I keep the antiemetic sub lingual Zofran in every pocket, drawer, sink, bedside,: when nausea/vomiting comes it comes fast. With the Zofran onboard, I am nearly normal “

You may want to copy and save the foregoing to discuss with your treating physician. 

More recently studies are ongoing to combine Custersin with Jevtana to provide a more synergestic effect for enhanced effectiveness.  Not sure if your physician is aware of those studies.

[Edit - Neupogen is not available on the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme to treat low white cell counts caused by chemotherapy given to men with prostate cancer.   Custirsen is an experimental drug being studied in clinical trials - it has not received regulatory approval in America or Australia.]

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Great info, Chuck!


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I was on a Phase 3 Trial (Firstana) back in 2012. Dose rate 25mg/m2. At Cycle 9 treatment was stopped due to internal bleeding, this occurred in a percentage of participants. The side effects apart from bleeding was low white cells, treated with Neulasta self injection, nausea, fatigue so one and a half weeks feeling like crap then improvement ready for next dose. It did work on the cancer, PSA dropped from 4.6 to 0.31. 

My contact number is 0447 784 783 if you wish to chat.

Kind Regards


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