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Focus group members needed for new app: Advanced Prostate Cancer explained through storytelling


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Advanced Prostate Cancer explained through storytelling


A new initiative is being developed to explain advanced prostate cancer through an entertaining, engaging and informative digital app.


Medicine X will work collaboratively with JimJimJimJim.com, as well as a group of doctors, nurses, medical experts and patients, before teaming up with some of the world’s best script writers and artists to bring the story to life.


Together, they are developing a digital app to explain advanced prostate cancer to patients through the world of storytelling. The app shares the experience of a real life patient, and explains the medical information through the patient story.  They want to share our ideas with a focus group of men with a wide range of experience with having advanced prostate cancer, so that we can ensure that the messages we explain are relevant and on point.  Working with the focus group helps to evolve and optimise the content within the story and makes it much more effective in the end to those who have just learned that their cancer has become advanced.


Astellas has very generously agreed to support the production of the app, so that once we have finished putting the content together - there will be free unlimited downloads for all people in Australia :)


If you have had advanced prostate cancer and would like to be part of this focus group and have the chance to help people who are just starting out on their own journey of discovery around having this disease, then Medicine X would love to hear from you. Please email amandalangerak@medicinex.com


Thanks so much for your help!

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